Are you suffering from Vertigo (BPPV)? 

Vertigo is that horrible sensation you may experience when you move your head and all of a sudden everything starts spinning. You may also be experiencing other associated symptoms such as nausea, headache, feeling unwell and off balance.

Vertigo is a common health problem that affects many adults. It can be triggered by various peripheral and central causes and therefore should be investigated straight away. Your Osteopath may can help diagnose the type of Vertigo you may be experiencing and provide appropriate management which may involve referral to GP for medications.

The most common type of Vertigo is: BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). BPPV is caused by small crystals in the inner ear moving around freely, which stimulates the nerves to think your head is rotating and leads to your brain thinking your head is spinning.

‘Positional vertigo’ means that the Vertigo is triggered by a change in position of your head. For example, you may experience a vertigo attack after sitting up or rolling out of bed, or simple neck movements.

If you are experiencing BPPV- we may be able to help at Mckinnon Osteopathy!

What to expect at Mckinnon Osteopathy?
– Each person has an individual experience, and we will always take a thorough history and assessment to gain a full picture of what is going on
– We will find out about the vertigo you are experiencing and your current management

– It is common with BPPV to also be experiencing tension and discomfort through the neck and back
– Our Osteopaths will aim to address any muscle and joint dysfunction surrounding these areas to provide you with symptomatic relief
– Our Osteopaths may also be able to provide you with advice regarding self- management (e.g., exercise/ sleep posture) and identify contributing factors
– We will always refer to other health professionals when required

If you suffer from vertigo or would like further advice, come and see one of our friendly Osteopaths to see how they can help!

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