Tension Type Headache

Tension Type Headache

There are many different types of headaches that people will experience each day. An extremely common one which you may have heard of is known as a ‘Tension Type Headache’.

Tension Type Headaches may feel like a band like pressure across the front of your forehead. As the name suggests, ‘tension’ builds up in the head from various triggers. This may include and not limited to triggers from musculoskeletal origin, lifestyle, psychological and social factors.

A Tension Type Headache may differ from a typical migraine, as although it can be pressing and tight in nature, it normally doesn’t present with sensitivity to light or noise and is not usually aggravated by physical activity.

Experiencing these types of headaches is never pleasant, and we know they may negatively impact your day and mood! If you are experiencing headaches, we suggest coming in to see one of our Osteo’s to have a chat and get to the bottom of what is going on!

Osteopathic treatment will aim to support reducing the discomfort experienced with tension type headaches. In your session, we can also provide advice, discuss possible contributing factors and self management strategies.

Below is an example of what you can expect from an osteopathic session:
Thorough history taking to gain a holistic understanding of your presenting complaint
Examining and assessing the areas that are contributing to your headaches
Hands-on manual therapy treatment may include and are not limited to soft tissue massage, articulation, stretching, HVLA and adjunct therapies such as dry needling, taping.
Advice and education regarding pain management, cold or hot packs, sleep patterns, exercise, stress and ergonomic evaluation

We will always refer to other health professionals if we feel it is necessary and out of our scope of practice!

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