Step into peak performance: unveiling the secrets of ideal shoes!

Step into peak performance: unveiling the secrets of ideal shoes!

This crucial step can make or break how suitable a runner is for you. Consider your foot arch, pronation, and running terrain for the best fit! Shoes that are too supportive or not supportive enough can leave you open to injury. The best running shoe is one that complements your natural biomechanics, providing support where it is needed to keep the body in alignment while running.

Measure twice, run once

Always measure your feet before buying. If possible, try the shoes on in person before you buy them. Sizing often varies between brands, so the only way to be 110% certain a shoe will fit is to wear it! Shoes that are too big or too small can cause blisters, squish your feet, or move around while you’re running. No good!

Know when to say goodbye

We have all had that pair of shoes which were just perfect. They fit perfectly, squish enough to cushion our feet, and bounce enough to save some energy while running. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Shoes are built to last roughly 600km – 800km. For those without a calculator handy, this is around 6 months of running 30km-40km per week.

Mix it up

If you want your shoes to live a long and healthy life, hitting that 800km mark (or even further!), remember to rotate your runners with another pair. As the foam in the shoe can only compress and rebound so many times, letting the foam rest for a day or two lets the foam decompress, providing more bounce as time goes on. Additionally, your body will thank you. As our bodies are designed to adapt, running in the one pair of shoes can allow your body to come to rely on the structure of the shoe, which can lead to injury if that structure happens to change, for example, if you get a new shoe!

What can happen if I end up in the wrong shoes?

As a well informed osteopathy patient, you are surely aware that everything in the body is connected. As the part of our body that makes contact with the ground, our feet are arguably the most vital element of all of these connections! The wrong pair of shoes can influence our foot biomechanics, which can influence our knee biomechanics, which can influence our hip biomechanics, which can influence our back biomechanics… you get the idea! It is not uncommon to find that for a patient with low-back pain, changing their shoes was the game-changer!!

Blog by Lachlan Fuller, Osteopath at McKinnon Osteopathy.

Lachlan draws on his experience working at Active Feet, working alongside podiatrists and exercise scientists to prescribe tailored footwear to customers.

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