Sleeping posture and neck pain

One of the most common types of injury I see is neck pain and one of the most common causes is poor sleep posture.

Patients come in, in a lot of pain, barely able to turn their head and with no idea what has happened. Dig a little deeper and a lot of the time it is due to poor sleeping posture- that’s right, something as easy as sleeping can be done wrong!

The worst offenders are those who sleep on their stomachs. Unless you have a head hole in your mattress it is usually pretty difficult to breath with your face down which means you need to turn your head to one side.

This is where the problem is, keeping your head turned like this puts a lot of pressure on the joints in one side of your neck which can lead to pain.

The same sort of thing can happen when you’re lying on the couch watching TV at an awkward angle or even at work if you are constantly looking to one side. Just imagine doing that for 6-8 hours and you can see why it can cause so much pain.

Neck pain can also come from having the wrong pillow height. If you’ve got a pillow that’s either too high or too low this can cause your head to tilt one way or another and again place a lot of pressure on the joints in the neck.

So what is the best way to sleep for your neck?

Lying on your back is best as it places the least amount of stress on the neck and back, however as long as you have the right pillow height to support your head and spine lying on your side is also fine.

Blog by Damian Berenato, Osteopath at McKinnon Osteopathy.

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