Falls Prevention Classes

Falls Prevention Classes in McKinnon

This 30min workshop runs over 4 weeks with a maximum of 4 participants in each class. These classes are intended for clients who have completed a Falls Risk Consultation with Alisha, and deemed low – medium risk of falls. This is to ensure all participants are completing exercises in a safe environment. At the start of the program, participants will undergo testing to gauge a baseline of their functional capacity. The participants will then attend classes and receive a personalised home exercise program to ensure they receive maximum benefit from the program. Our Osteopaths will communicate regularly with your GP/other relevant Health Professionals regarding your progress.

High risk Falls patients will continue with one on one appointments before progressing to classes.

Osteopaths offering these services:

Alisha has been working with high falls risk patients over the last 4 years, in particular with NDIS clients in the falls prevention space. She has a special interest in this area, and enjoys working with patients who have multiple intrinsic or extrinsic factors impacting their mobility or balance.

Alisha enjoys working with individuals to set achievable goals around their mobility, balance, coordination or to help maintain their independence at home. She incorporates guided exercise with her clients to help achieve these goals. Alisha has experience running our small group falls prevention classes, and will be available from 2024 for individual Falls Risk Consultations.

Lachlan has experience working in the aged care setting and has seen how devastating a fall can be for the aging population. Motivated by this, he has completed further studies in falls prevention to best understand why falls happen, and how to best prevent them.

Drawing from his own fitness training endeavours, Lachlan aims to blend practical exercises with a deep understanding of the theory behind falls. The class environment is designed to address a patient’s individual deficits while allowing them to challenge themselves in a safe and fun way. The overarching goal is to help older adults build their confidence, self efficacy, and provide strategies for them to reduce their risk of a fall, as well as having a plan in place in the event of a fall.

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