Dry Needling Services in McKinnon

dry needling | McKinnon Osteopathy

Dry Needling uses a fine filament needle to penetrate the skin and muscle to relieve muscle tension. We have found Dry Needling is particularly effective in treating people with chronic pain and muscle tension. People who are sensitive to strong soft tissue/massage techniques have also reported Dry Needling as a more comfortable treatment option.

Dry Needling into healthy muscle tissue is barely noticed however, when inserted into a particularly tight localised band of muscle, a “cramp” feeling may be experienced. This cramp feeling is known as a “twitch response” and is thought to create changes at the central nervous system resulting in less tension, pain and often improvement in range of movement.

Our Osteopaths have completed further training in Dry Needling and follow a strict hygiene procedure (including using sterile, one use needles, gloves and antiseptic wash over area to be treated) to ensure your safety. As always, a thorough medical history will be taken to ensure this technique is suitable for you.

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