Returning to Swimming:

Wanting to get back into swimming? Here are some of my top tips to get you back into swimming, how to find the motiva-
tion (even on a cold Melbourne day!), and advice to get the most out of your swim.

1. Book yourself in; treat it like an appointment:

• It’s so easy to push it aside because it takes up time, you have to go pick up the
kids, you have to wash your hair, and will need a shower.
• If you treat it like an appointment, you’re holding yourself accountable and are less
likely to skip on it.

2. Get organised

• Pack your bag the night before
• If you’re swimming before work, set your alarm and then put your phone well out of arm reach for the night!
• This makes you get out of bed to turn off your alarm, and then if you’re already up,
why not just go for it?

3. Once you arrive, get into the water as fast as possible

• Slowly getting into the water does NOT make it any easier – it’s taken me over 10
years to figure that one out, but the sooner you can get in and start swimming, the
quicker you’ll warm up!

4. Don’t swim your fastest straight away.

• Start out by focusing on good technique and reaching with each stroke, and find a
rhythm that works for you.
• It’s about warming up and getting those muscles and joints moving again after not
swimming for months.

5. Don’t expect to swim the same distance you did before lockdown

• Swimming fitness is different, and unfortunately gets lost very quickly!
• It won’t take long to get it back, but consistency and listening to your body are key!

6. Manage your expectations

• Don’t expect to swim as fast as you used to!
• This will also come back with patience.

7. Do an adequate warm up, and even do some of your stretches in the water
between laps

• This is a great way to avoid going too hard too fast, and potentially getting injured!
Listen to your body.
• We commonly see swimmers experiencing rib/intercostal pain and shoulder pain, so
take it easy and if something doesn’t feel right, see if you can modify it in any way.
• Book in an appointment with your Osteopath to discuss this further!

8. Celebrate the small wins every time

• This helps track your progress, and helps you to identify when you are improving or
when you may need a bit more help to get back on track.

9. Most importantly; HAVE FUN!

This blog was written by Alisha who has previously swum as a sate level swimmer, before moving onto coaching for her
club whilst studying Osteopathy.

Alisha Fissenden | McKinnon Osteopathy

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