Sophie Lampel

Pilates Instructor

Meet Sophie Lampel (Pilates Instructor)

Sophie graduated from Ballarat University with a BA in acting in 1995 and is an international fellow of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre London. She has made a successful career working in the arts as an actor and singer and managing her own theatre company, Essential Theatre.

The physical demands of performing was the key to her developing a passion for Pilates. A love of anatomy and movement led her to further study completing her initial mat teacher training with Body Control Pilates UK in 2005 and her cert IV in Personal Training in 2009, she has since gained further qualifications with Polestar International. In recent years Sophie has been exploring other body work including Action Theatre (improvisational movement) , Fitzmaurice Breathwork & Gaga, a practice of embodied movement.

Sophie often works with actors and singers to help them connect mind, body and voice. As a pilates instructor Sophie is passionate about breath and the whole body approach and loves seeing how the Pilates method can transform the body and mind in her clients. She also enjoys a good laugh so classes are always guaranteed to be fun!

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