Dr Lachlan Fuller


Meet Dr Lachlan Fuller (Osteopath)

Lachlan completed his five-year Master’s degree at Victoria University, and has experience in footwear assessment, aged care, and occupational rehabilitation. Lachlan is passionate about getting people back to doing the things they love. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to improve your performance, or you are enjoying retirement and wanting to keep your body in top shape, Lachlan would love to help you reach your physical health goals. He takes a whole-person approach to his patient’s health concerns and draws not only on his academic training in osteopathy, but also his own personal fitness endeavours and sporting history.

Outside of the clinic, Lachlan spends his time in the gym, running, or with his friends (usually playing boardgames!).

Areas of clinical interest:

  • Elderly population/Falls Prevention
  • Footwear assessment/leg injuries
  • Active population

Additional courses/Professional Development:

  • Falls Prevention
  • Exercise Prescription

Lachlan would love to help you reach your physical health goals.

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