How to stay active during Winter

Winter is not coming, it is well and truly here and it’s yuck! Waking up and its dark, getting home and its… dark. Gale force winds with sideways rain. It definitely isn’t the most appetising weather for us to get up and exercise. So if you’re lacking some motivation or ideas for what exercise you can do here it is!

  1. Yoga. Everyone should try Yoga. It has a great balance of working strength and mobility along with giving your mind a bit of a time out. Even better if you’re really hating on the cold you can try hot or bikram yoga where they heat the room up in between 33-40degrees!
  2. Spin Classes. For those of you that enjoy getting the bike out in the warmer months but can’t convince yourselves to brave the chilling winds, a spin class just may be the answer! Spin classes are great, they can give you an awesome cardio workout whilst really changing your thighs and glutes to work away those Winter chills.
  3. Resistance Training. If you haven’t got a gym membership or you really, really don’t want to leave the house why not do some resistance training! Bodyweight exercises can be a great way of training and the best thing is that they are free. To get you in the right training mind I would suggest still getting into your gym clothes, putting some music on and setting a timer for how long you want to train for.
  4. Rock Climbing. If you’re struggling to get the kids up and exercising rock climbing can be a great idea for the whole family. It will challenge your whole body. From you’re forearms right down to the small muscles in your feet. Another great by product is that it will challenge your decision making and spatial awareness through you having to choose the best possible route up being aware of the distances between grips. We apologise in advance when you wake up with some muscle soreness the next day.
  5. Swimming. Here me out on this one. Most lap pools are heated to 27-30degrees so they aren’t cold. Add that in with a lot of people wont be at the pool meaning you have a lane pretty much to yourself and no kids cutting across lanes. Sign me up.
  6. The Couch. Challenge yourself to do some form of exercise BEFORE you sit down for the evening. I don’t think there is a bigger motivation zapper then sitting on the couch after a day at work. But if you do find yourself sitting on the couch, stash some resistance bands next to it. The ad breaks give you a great opportunity to perform some squats, bridges and ab sets before your favourite show comes back on.

Whilst it may be challenging to find the motivation during Winter, it is still vitally important that we keep our bodies moving and challenging them physically. If none of these suggestions seem particularly appealing to you, speak to your Osteopath the next time your in so you can brainstorm some more ideas to get you moving.

Blog by Lachlan Cossens, Osteopath at McKinnon Osteopathy. Lachlan braves the cold and plays Golf every week.

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