We’ve all heard of concussions and have seen them in contact sports (at all levels!), but what does it mean if you have a concussion,
and how long until you’re feeling better?

Typically a concussion is defined as a type of minor to moderate brain injury, a result
from a blow to the head or from violent/aggressive shaking.

Not all those who sustain a concussion will be “knocked out” or unconscious, most will
remain conscious. The person will show some cognitive symptoms or changes; this
may be immediate or in the minutes/hours after the injury.

This may include any number of the following:
• Confusion
• Headache
• Memory loss/amnesia (usually lasting 24 hours)
• Dizziness
• Nausea and/or vomiting
• Poor/lack of Coordination
• Unconsciousness (usually no more than 30 seconds)

If a concussion is suspected, you must be seen by a medical professional (doctor) for
assessment. This is crucial in any case, but athletes will also require the “all clear” to
allow for return to sport. They should also be monitored by a health professional upon
their return to sport.

Advice following a concussion may include; rest, reduced screen time and pain medi-

Most people will recover very quickly, some may experience ongoing headaches and/
or dizziness for some weeks afterwards.

Sometimes recovery may be prolonged in those who have sustained multiple concus-
sions, the elderly or someone with a history of substance abuse. Otherwise a full re-
cover is expected between 1-2 weeks.

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